Monday, March 13, 2017

Colors of nature

Colors are the smiles of nature~Leigh Hunt

May your life be filled with

the green of the fresh monsoon soothe you,
the blue of the infinite inspire you,
the sea green of the quiet calm you,
the red of sustaining recharge you with enthusiasm,
the tinges of red & orange of the keep the faith in you alive,
the silver lining of make you believe in yourself,
If this is not enough,
the spectrum of remind you sunshine & rain both are beautiful! 

Happy Holi :)

P.S.: With the water tables dwindling and monsoon showing erratic & sporadic behavior than ever; with millions battling for survival without enough water; can we really afford to waste gallons of water merely for fun & frolic?

I see Holi through colors of nature <3


  1. Wow! you are simply amazing sneha <3. Your every idea is unique. No one else could wish Holi this way. Thanks a lot. Beautifully composed. On a serious note, I agree with you that with changing times, it is becoming increasing relevant to conserve the water as we don't have unlimited amount as we previously believed. And with climate change imminent on us, sooner we realize the fact, better it will be!

    1. Thanks a lot Mohit! True..we can definitely change the way we celebrate our festivals :)

  2. I simply love you! Thank you for your glorious thoughts! I hope all the colors in the world enrich your life in ways unexpected! God bless you and happy holi!